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The comedic history podcast exploring the stories of the often overlooked or underrepresented.

History & Hilarity

Join comedians and history hobbyists, Cass & Nat, and guests for an educational, entertaining and sometimes irreverent romp through history.

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stop the hate & stop the violence

Racism isn't confined to history.


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About shared history

Your hosts

Cass Maher (she/her)
Cass is a comedian, musician and podcaster from Des Moines, IA.

A lover of all things storytelling, she holds a real degree in Brit Lit and a dream degree in Musical Theatre and The Least Quotable Lines from Movies.

Favorite topics: Literature, Women Doing The Most, Sports, Origins & Etymology, WWI, Dance apparently, Iowa

Natalie Younger (she/her)
Natalie is a writer, comedian, actor and podcaster based in Chicago,IL.

An avid nonfiction reader and long-time history nerd, Nat took at least 2x the required history courses in HS and yet, inexplicably, didn't choose to pursue it in college.

Favorite topics: Chicago, Schisms/Church Drama, Labor & Union, Women in STEM, Golden Age of the Mediterranean

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We'll say it again: Black, asian and indigenous lives matter

Support the communities under attack by surges in and by the steady racism and hate that surround us.

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We want to acknowledge that we live and produce this podcast on the traditional land of the Ojibwe, Ottawa, Potawatomi, Ioway, Sauk and Fox people. It is important for all of us to understand, grapple with and respect the inherent right to these lands held by the native population. This is not history, this is reality.

Shared History stands against racism. We acknowledge our privilege and that we will always be learning and growing on our journeys to being stronger anti-racists and allies to our peers of color. As in all capacities of our podcast, we welcome questions, corrections, and suggestions.

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